Andrew T. Austin

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Andrew T Austin
Andrew T. Austin is the author of The Rainbow Machine, described by Bill O’Hanlon as “the British Milton Erickson.” He is a neurolinguist and clinical hypnotherapist, and a registered nurse with experience in neurology. Andy is known for his never-ending creativity and sense of humor, along with the precision and range of his work.


“Wow! I have just returned from co-training with Andy Austin in the Advanced Mastery Training. I would have gladly given up my training days to Andy so that I could have learned even more (and I can’t recall saying something like that before—ever.) When I edited Andy’s extraordinary book, The Rainbow Machine, I kept thinking, “How on earth did he know that would work?” Now I know at least some of the answers to that question…” —Steve Andreas


Watch an 8-minute video segment of Andy Austin using Metaphors of Movement to achieve weight loss with a client.

Since attending the MoM workshop with Andy almost a year ago the changes I have experienced in my personal and professional life have been profound. At 60 years old I now experience a well-being, physically, emotionally and spiritually, such as I never have — after over 25 years of various therapies, treatments, workshops and therapists. My relationship of 20 years is better than it ever has been, and my work as a therapist now has a depth and compassion seldom seen in the field of nlp — I am proud of my work, and its results for my clients. This work is superb, both for clients and for ongoing personal use.”
— G.E.

“This work has revolutionized the way I work and look at many things now. I was getting bored and fed up with the conventional way of therapy and coaching approaches and working with metaphors brought fun and creativity back into my work. We all read about this ‘being in the now’ biz and metaphors of movement does exactly that in a most unconventional, profound and non-spiritual way. So thank you!

“I am working with athletes, young professional tennis players at the moment. They don’t question anything on it, they just go with it and the results are instant and massive. After exploring metaphors with one player, his coach called me a witch the next day since his game had completely changed and he was winning. This is definitely the work I want to concentrate on — most powerful and fun stuff I’ve ever done.
— Martina Grubmueller, Life & Sports Performance Mentoring, London, UK

After attending a Weight Loss workshop with Andy Austin, I lost 58 pounds over the next year. During an exercise at that workshop, my metaphor for weight loss came out — I felt like I was ‘a balloon in a parade.’ Andy stepped in and took me through the metaphor process. During the session, which couldn’t have taken more than about 15-20 minutes, we touched on issues of status and the need to grow up and out of the balloon, which functioned as a container (keeping me safe, but at the same time keeping me isolated from others). I realized just how often I was taking a superior stance with others as a way to keep myself distanced because deep down I felt so inferior. I also recognized how much I indeed needed to grow up in many areas of my life, including issues related to food.

“After the initial weight loss (about half of my weight goal), I seemed to stall and gained back about 10 lbs., so I did a Skype session with Andy. It was fascinating to see Andy pick up on my metaphors in conversation rather than having to specifically — and laboriously elicit them. I learned so much through the process — I came to realize just how much I was using food to manage my emotions, in particular fear and anger. I realized for the first time that I was also using fear and anger (and food) as a way to keep myself isolated. And again the message was clear that I really needed to grow up and out of this problem.

“The changes since then have been significant and pervasive, having a much broader impact on my life than just the weight loss, which has resumed at a slow but steady pace. I feel free for the first time in my life because my life is no longer ruled by food cravings and the mind-fog that would follow. I’ve noticed improvements in other aspects of my life which are difficult to articulate except to say that I’m getting much better at exhibiting self-control during times when in the past I would have acted out of fear or anger to certain triggers. Overall, the freedom and relief I’ve felt over the past weeks since my session with Andy has been incredible.

“In addition to my own success, I’ve used the process in several client sessions, many with good results where nothing else seemed to help.”
— Trish Casner, MA CH, Baltimore, MD