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1. The FREE Webinar:

Watch this free 70 minute webinar with Tamara Andreas. It includes a demo and a brief guided exercise everyone can participate in.

2. Free 19-minute interview with Tamara Andreas, interviewed by Lisa Olcese.

Listen to it here:

3. The DVD Training:

Not able to attend the training live? Get our high quality DVD recording of the 3-day training with Tamara Andreas.

3. Live Training:

Treat yourself to a live training. Check out our Training Page for current dates and info. This is the “most highly recommended” way to learn, for those who are able.

4. More Resources:

Core Transformation is a profound method of personal transformation useful with many life issues. You can get access to free articles, learn about the Core Transformation Trainer Pathway, and more here:

You’ll see a complete list of Core Transformation Learning Materials here, including the book, video demonstrations by Connirae Andreas, and the Trainer Materials Packet: