Transportation to the Training Site

Airline Travel:  If you’ll be flying in, the best airport to use is Denver International Airport.

US Travelers: Southwest Airlines often has the most economical flights to Denver from many US cities, but doesn’t show up on the travel search engines.  Look on their website ( if you want to check their flights/fares.  Southwest also has great policies: 2 free bags, and if you purchase your ticket online, you can change it at any time without change fees (You only pay more if your new itinerary is more expensive on the day you buy it.) You can even cancel a ticket with 48 hrs notice, and use the full amount to buy another ticket (to any Southwest location) at any time within the next year.  Note: Do confirm these policies with  To search all of the other airline options,

International & US TravelersGoogle has a great flight tool. It’s super easy to use. Includes almost all airlines (except Southwest).

UK & US Travelers: sometimes has good deals on airfare, both within the US, and from the UK to the US. We recommend checking this site for either last minute or early tickets.

Getting from the Airport to the Training Site: From Denver International Airport, you have several choices to get to the Best Western Boulder Inn in Boulder, CO, where the training is held.

1) You can take a Shuttle (see below). Shuttles take you from the airport to your destination. (There are usually stops along the way, but you get door-to-door service.)

2) You can rent a car (see below for Driving Information.)

3) There is also an  RTD bus service from the airport to Boulder. However, the RTD bus route ends at the station in downtown Boulder, and doesn’t stop at our hotel. So you would need to pay for a taxi ride from the bus station to the hotel. For most people the shuttle will work out better.

Driving Information

If you’re renting a car, the Best Western Boulder Inn is just under an hour drive from the Denver International Airport (DIA). The Boulder Inn estimates 45 mins using the tollway — allow an hour to be sure.

There are 2 good routes from DIA to the Boulder Inn:

Driving Option 1: E-470N (Toll Road)

E-470 North — the Tollway. This is slightly faster, smoother, and completely uncrowded route. The downside is you’ll have to pay the tolls. (As of January 2013, that’s $7.80 for the E470 toll and $3.30 for the NW parkway toll or $11.10 total, for one way.)

DIA to Boulder by tollway

Driving Option #2: I-70W to I-270W to US36W

I-70W to I-270W to US36W. This route is takes 5-10 minutes longer and has more traffic, but it is free. If you’re driving during rush hour, we recommend the tollway. (In rush hour, this route can take up to a couple hours.)

DIA to Boulder via I-70W, I-270W, and US36W

Shuttle service

You can also take a shuttle door-to-door between DIA and the hotel (or wherever you are staying). Two shuttle services operate between DIA and Boulder.

1. Green Ride: Green ride is $27.00 one-way (as of July 2013) and will take you right to your hotel in Boulder. For complete information and to make reservations, visit their website, or call 303-997-0238. Alternate phone number: 970-226-5533.

2.  Supershuttle. As of January 2013, it is $33.00 one-way and takes about 90 minutes because the shuttle picks up other passengers as well. For complete information and reservations visit Supershuttle’s website or call 303-444-0808.


Note: We do not receive any commission for purchases you may make at the above sites. We provide this information just to help you find a good deal.