What You’ll Experience: Core Transformation


We continue to hear great feedback about the Core Transformation training and the benefits it provides. Here are just a few examples of what participants have experienced, in their own words:

“Recognizing and deepening core states that are aspects of my true nature…and everyone’s…was invaluable.”
— Surja Jessup, MS, CHT, Holistic Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist

“Most useful was the ability to actually resolve an issue. As I told Tamara at the training, she is what I’ve been looking for for many, many years: [a] really good instructor that is clearly living what she teaches.”
— Anonymous Participant

“[The Training] gave me some new tools to help myself and others quickly become clearer, cleared and focused on the present possibilities for inner connection and peace. Many thanks to Tamara for her excellent ability to listen, observe, understand and provide honest, helpful feedback.…the program was beautifully taught and …the exercises really anchored the concepts on a practical level. The biggest shift I had was the experience of letting go of what initially seemed like limitations anchored within me since childhood. The CT process made it amazingly quick and easy to…see walls dissolve and to be freed, to live fully in the present, to “time travel” to my present self!”
— Chris Darby, Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist, Aloha Wellness Int’l, LLC

“I continue to be stunned at the power and effectiveness of the training. I’ve been searching for decades for tools that could help me understand and CHANGE issues that had been holding me hostage for a lifetime. Core Transformation is more powerful, easy, useful and effective than anything else I’ve seen and I continue to use it often.”
— Anonymous Participant

“Magnificent. It started working for me before the seminar was over. Specific benefits for me: I had a totally different kind of conversation with a close family member. This experience has changed our relationship much for the better. Now I don’t have the urge to shop. I now carefully consider whether I want to spend $$ on items or not. So I’m spending less!!”
— Kay Axtell, ADHD Life Coach

“One of the issues I worked with during the training was procrastination, and I’m pleased to say that the urge to put things off is greatly diminished since the training. I’m pleasantly amazed, because this has been a life-long issue that I have struggled mightily with. I’m excited to watch the continued improvements in my life as a result of this work.”
— Sandi Shroads, Life Coach, Colorado Springs, CO

“This was a really great weekend. Tamara is a wonderful presenter…clear, gentle, and so effective as a teacher and guide. The coaches added another dimension to the training that was so helpful. I enjoyed direct personal benefit from the experience in several areas, and I was able to gain an understanding from the process that has allowed me to begin to take Core Transformation into my psychotherapy practice. The first day back in my office, I used Core Transformation with three clients, with very positive results!!”
— Steve Axtell, Clinical Hypnotherapist, CO

“It was wonderful. Tamara was a great guide and the material was very interesting. One specific result is that I have been a lot bolder in my job search and as a result I have made a friend and sponsor in one of S. Florida’s leading entrepreneurs. Most useful to me was being able to see the concepts in action when Tamara interacted with the participants.”
— Michelle Yan, Entrepreneur, Boulder, CO

“I enjoyed the training, and found it had a stronger impact upon me this time around. I feel that I have experienced a significant shift inside, though it is more difficult to fully describe this in words. I am much more ‘out there’ meeting people, making contacts. I seem to have lost some of my internal ‘reserve.’ I felt ‘safe’ within myself to share my problem areas and to reach core states.
Tamara, your humility is very endearing and your style of presentation comes from your heart. Your delivery of CT content is pure and thorough, thank you.”
— Joanne Thompson, UK

“Loved it! Our answers are within us. This is easy to accept intellectually but to have it concisely and neatly presented in this gorgeous gift of personal vision and path. Profound. Tamara Andreas you are gorgeous and wonderful….your voice definitely puts me immediately in touch with my peaceful ‘part’ :)”
— Maureen Moore, Shelby, NC

“Tamara’s teaching skills were quite precise and incredible. I learned about how my previous ‘core’ beliefs were actually just scratching the surface and not digging deep enough. I have since utilized the process to discover core states for other behaviors I have. I have also successfully used this process in coaching clients and had the gift of sharing their shift when they notice/acknowledge their core. I especially appreciated the opportunity of interacting/role-playing with other fellow students and noticing how powerful the technique can be in individual’s lives.”
— Bob Arriaga, Personal Development Coach, Houston, TX

“I think I received some real positive benefit and I think it is ongoing. I’m still processing it. So far, I’ve felt a bit more whole and ‘rational.’ Feelings of things snapping into place. The last day I noticed the whole thing coming together. It is such an interesting unfolding process. Tamara, you are great–you remind me very much of a friend of mine who has made me more aware of the sacred aspects of everyday life. Thank you.”
— Pam Pritzel, Denver, CO

“I have been using the Core Transformation technique for a little over two months and it has made a major shift in my attitude towards my ex. Lets just say I’m feeling much happier of my behavior towards her and her boyfriend. Thank you so much for such a great tool to turn limitations into assets, and gifts.”
— Anonymous

There are many more reports and testimonials than we’ve included here. We hope this gives you a flavor for what you’ll experience – and pique your curiosity enough so that you’ll join us and see for yourself!

* All feedback is used with permission. Names are included when we have permission to do so.