What You’ll Experience: Wholeness Process


To learn more about how the Wholeness Process can make a difference in your life, read what others have experienced:

“The Wholeness Process is an effective, simple, and direct method for spiritual awakening, as well as for your own personal development or therapy. From my personal experience, I am delighted to recommend this program. If I can follow it and get a lot from it, then I suspect you will too.”
— Shelle Rose Charvet, NLP Trainer, author of Words That Change Minds, Canada.

“I have been meditating, and contemplating for 40 years and the Wholeness Process gives me greater flexibility and refined tools for accomplishing stillness.”
— Ray Haiduk, Wholeness Process Online Training Participant

This simple process definitely works for me. While I’m doing it, no spiritual fireworks, « just » a deep, healing peace. Over time…not an « egolessness » but a very gradual loss of attachment to « ego ». And that’s much more than I had hoped for when starting this program…With deep gratitude,”
—Maarten Aalberse, Clinical Psychologist, France

“The Wholeness Process created a huge breakthrough in my life…beyond my wildest expectations. I could not believe that it’s possible to have such a big change with a process that is so simple and easy, and yet so extremely profound. Connirae is a true master when it comes to change. She combines her unbelievable skilled NLP Mastery with an understanding beyond words about the deepest realms of your soul.”
—Martin Weiss, Coach, Germany

“For me this training filled in a missing piece.”
— Anonymous

“Last week I was on my way to a dinner party. I have never been comfortable with dinner parties, and was already a nervous wreck. I did the Wholeness Process and got completely relaxed. That’s never happened before — I actually enjoyed the evening. I also used the process for allergies. I did it when I started getting the symptoms, and my itchy eyes and stuffy nose cleared up right away.”
—Sally M., Phoenix, AZ

“[After doing the Wholeness Process with this issue] I wasn’t looking for the acceptance and recognition from others in the office, as I did before. And yesterday my girlfriend started arguing with me, and I noticed I didn’t feel attacked….before I felt her arguing was like an attack to me, like disapproval from her of me. Now it’s totally different. I was calm, and I didn’t react. I didn’t have the need to defend myself.”

“I was facing a high-stress situation that affected my ability to think clearly, engage with people, sleep…the process helped me gain a perspective that both opened my heart and allowed me to feel more peaceful, even neutral. I went from feeling jittery to feeling level, and was then able to be a better resource to myself and to others in that same situation.”
– Lisa Olcese, Nonprofit Executive, NLP Master Practitioner

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Wholeness Process [live training]. I have been using it daily, mostly before I sleep. So far, very good results….”
— Cecil McGregor, Software Architect, Sunnyvale, CA

“I’ve felt a really big difference. I can deal with conflict better, and I feel creative about how I deal with things. I can sleep more soundly, more solidly. Before I would often wake up and things would be on my mind, bothering me. If I do this process I am peaceful before going to sleep, and then I sleep a lot better.”
—Senior in college dealing with grad school applications & interviews

“It’s made a difference at home and at work. I’m just not being dragged into dramas as easily. I have the feeling ‘It will work out fine.’ Things don’t pop up as much. And when they do it’s easier to deal with. It’s easier to relax.”
—Single mother of two children

“I think the process is ground breaking. The training has enhanced my happiness and my ability to deal with difficult situations. The process where we integrated something that was missing was very helpful for me. I integrated community and no longer feel the acute lack I felt before.”
— Anonymous

“I had a client today and guided her through the multi-layers of ‘I’ in about 20 minutes. It works!!! … It’s a beautiful process deserving to be disseminated widely!”
— Cherng-Horng Lan, Taiwan, Aroma NLP Coach

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The Wholeness Process is helping people in more areas than we ever thought it would. It does this by accessing a more fundamental aspect of our psychic structure than we could previously reach. It’s simple, gentle, and opens the doorway to a more joyful, loving, creative, and fulfilling life.

Here are a few more areas where it’s helped…

Emotional reactivity – “I haven’t been losing my temper.” “The jealousy I felt isn’t there.” “Before I was so easily hurt, and now I can usually deal with other people’s rough edges from a more loving place. This becomes stronger as I use this method more. It feels like something got healed.”

Anxiety – “I was relieved to have something that finally made a difference.”

Unwanted habits – “It shifted the compulsive eating I was doing.”

Depression – “It’s been a very gradual change, but something good is happening.”

And even health issues – “The chronic fatigue mostly cleared up…” “pre-migraine aura was instantly gone.” “…used it for my allergies and it worked.” “I have more energy.”

*Please note that some of the above changes were from a one-time use of the process. However things like chronic health issues or depression usually get the best results when using this process over time. Often people do experience quite soon that something is finally beginning to work for them. However the full results usually come through learning to use the process as a simple and kind life practice. After learning the process, this can be done in a short amount of time, or even while we are going about our usual activities.