What You’ll Get Each Day

There’s a lot packed into this training. Here’s what you’ll get each day…

Day 1:
You’ll learn a specific and doable practice of “dissolving the everyday sense of ego.” Discover how this is often what allows troublesome life issues to finally be resolved.

*We’ll begin with the Basic Wholeness Format – how to use Wholeness Work to resolve life issues.
*Next you’ll learn the Wholeness Meditation Format
*And how to adapt the process to use for deeper more restful sleep.

Day 2:
Some issues require more than just dissolving the ego. On Day 2 we learn two Wholeness Formats that provide these missing pieces. You’ll learn…

*The “Reclaiming Inner Authority” process, useful with embarrassment, shame, guilt, and more. Has helped with health issues.
*The “Integrating What’s Missing” process, important in working with sense of neediness, loss, grief, etc.

The Day 2 methods are based on different principles from what you learned on Day 1, and are not primarily about dissolving the ego.

Day 3:
Many people say Day 3 “puts it all together” and makes using the Wholeness Methods with yourself and others much easier. You also learn additional methods. Specifically you’ll learn…

*Working with Coping Mechanisms – discover your primary coping mechanism
*The Life Journey
*Roles & Identities
*The “Letting Go” Process: Working with attachments and aversions.
*Tips for using Wholeness Work as an ongoing life practice.

*The Stages of Practice – how beginning stage is different from middle, etc.

The Wholeness Principles.
The training interweaves learning specific formats, with learning the underlying principles that make the work so impactful. When you learn the principles through direct experience in the training, they tend to “stick.” Understanding the principles is what makes it possible for you to follow the flow of your own and someone else’s unique experience in the moment.

You’ll learn…

*The 5 primary principles of Wholeness work
*The 3 types of integration, and when to use each
*How to recognize and work with reactions
*What to do when it doesn’t work

You’ll be learning through demonstration and guided exercises.
You’ll have access to on-the-spot coaching as you do the guided exercises with other participants in pairs.