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Metaphors of Movement Masterclass

This training program offers an in-depth exploration of how our unconscious metaphors for moving through life impact who we are and what we’re able to do.

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It’s Happening! April 27-30, 2019, in Boulder, Colorado.

Due to increasing demand, Andy Austin will teach an Advanced Metaphors of Movement MasterClass on April 27-30, 2018 (Saturday -Tuesday).

This training is open to everyone who has attended Andy’s 4-Day Metaphors of Movement Training within the past 4 or 5 years, OR who has attended the 2-Day Metaphors of Movement Training with Mark Andreas.* (The next 2-day Metaphors training with Mark is Jan 26-27, 2019.)

*Not sure if you have the background needed? Contact us if you have any questions. There are several ways to make sure you have the material you’ll need to fully benefit from the Advanced Training with Andy.

Information below is about the complete Metaphors of Movement Program.

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Learn about our January 2019 Levels 1 + Metaphors of Movement Training Here.

Get an inspiring and thorough training in the Metaphors of our inner mental landscapes by attending the 2-Day program (Levels 1 Plus More) with Mark Andreas.  Then join us for the Masterclass with Andy Austin! This material continues to develop, with new fascinating and useful learning experiences each year. The 2019 Trainings will include the latest developments.

  US Training Calendar

Boulder, CO
January 26-27, 2019
Metaphors of Movement: Levels 1 Plus More
Mark Andreas
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Boulder, CO
April 27-30, 2019
Metaphors of Movement Masterclass
Andrew T. Austin

What You Will Learn

This training will be an in-depth exploration of how our unconscious metaphors for moving through life impact who we are and what we’re able to do. Learn not only how to uncover your own metaphors, but how to engage them at a physiological and neurological level — a completely new approach to overcoming stuck states and creating effective movement towards our personal goals.

After working with their own Metaphors of Movement through Andy’s model, the experience people generally tend to describe is a sense of being more “awake.” So often we do not pay attention to our own communication, using metaphoric words seemingly at random that are in fact incredibly rich clues into our internal experience and strategies for moving through the world. Through attending to what we are each already saying, and to the underlying metaphoric structure, suddenly the way we maintain our problems is revealed, and we have the choice to change.

What is Metaphors of Movement?

People often complain of a lack of movement in their lives, both metaphorically and literally. Common expressions of how a person feels that reflects this lack of movement include:

  • I don’t feel like I’m going anywhere
  • I’m stuck in a rut
  • I feel like I’m going around in circles
  • I’m not making any progress at all
  • I’m not moving forward
  • It’s like I’m up to my neck in quicksand
  • I feel like I’m going backwards
  • It’s like I’m running up against a brick wall

In addition to this, many people lack direction:

  • I don’t know where I’m going
  • I don’t know which way to turn
  • I feel lost
  • I lack direction in life
  • I feel disoriented
  • I feel like I’m going the wrong way in life
  • I don’t know the right way forward

After this training, you’ll be able to recognize what these expressions mean about a person’s experience. You’ll also learn powerful and effective ways to guide yourself and others into discovering new movement and direction in life that will really work.

Who Is This Training For?

Everyone is welcome to join the January 26-27 Level I course! Come to gain understandings that pave the way to positive change in areas of your own life where you feel stuck, unresolved, or that you’re going in the wrong direction. These are also powerful new tools that therapists and coaches can use when working with clients as well as themselves.

Because Metaphors of Movement is a fundamental new model, whether you’ve had years of therapeutic training, or you’re coming for your own personal growth, this training will serve everyone. In fact, for everyone to get the most out of the training, we’re hoping for roughly a 50-50 split between therapists/coaches, and individuals coming for their own personal development.

Basic Training Structure

An Uphill Struggle - Metaphors of MovementThe style of training involves lots of interactive demonstrations with participant volunteers up at the front of the room. We include lively small-group exercises to practice these methods with each other, as well as time for group discussion.

What’s New for 2019?

We have created a crash course that covers Levels 1-plus to give you a  streamlined and impactful way of using this fun and powerful modality, taught by Mark Andreas. For more information, click here.

Here’s a glimpse of how much you can learn about Metaphors of Movement:

Level 1. The Foundation

An overview of the structure of Metaphors of Movement (MoM) and the delivery of the change work process. Level 1 equips trainees to safely practice basic content-free MoM sessions for remedial change work purposes.

(a). Introduction to The MoM Process

  • Full outline of the MoM process and session structure.
  • Neurological rationale for the processes.

(b). Introduction to Metaphor Taxonomy and Creating Digital Change

  • The Structure of Outcomes.
  • The Obstructions: external rules and values.
  • The Containers: container metaphors, inherited status, families and long term problems.
  • The Burdens: responsibilities and guilts.
  • The Bubbles: beliefs and values.

Level 2. The Metaphoric Hierarchy

Up To My Neck in Shit - Metaphors of Movement

Level 2 is an exploration of how different metaphors logically lead to new metaphors, idioms and simile and how these can be arranged hierarchically. The overall theme of this level is that of relationships and emotional health. Level 2 training completes the practitioner status initiated at Level 1.

(a). Introduction to relationships and creating analogical and generative change

  • The Elevations: status games and awkward positions.
  • Relational Positions: where we stand in relation to others.
  • The Fulfillments: emotional trading and transactions.
  • The Hurts: emotional injury and emotional health.

(b). Symbolism and time predication in metaphor

  • Dream work and dream analysis.
  • Introduction to Metaphors of Time.
  • Introduction to Metaphors of Business and Money.
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Tuition for Metaphors of Movement 2-Day: Level 1 Plus More: $350*

*$275 for the first 5 registrants.

Level 3. The Ground Work

This intermediate level training is an exploration of how we support ourselves and the interaction within the metaphoric environment. This elucidates the generative change work principles taught at Level 2 and provides a useful extension for creating generative change.

(a). How, Where and Why We Stand

  • The Supports (anatomy and embodiment): supporting one’s self, receiving support, supporting others.
  • The Supports (environmental): the ground on which we walk.
  • The Cause: why we stand and what we stand for.
  • The Leg Work: the relationship between the body and the ground.
  • Symbolism, meaning and interaction.
  • The Immersions: immersion metaphor.
  • The body and physical health metaphors.

(b). All The World Is a Stage.

  • Stage, acting and performance metaphor.
  • Peak performance.
  • Multiple identities, masks and illusions.

(c). Gaia – The personification of The Earth

  • Chunking up the immediate metaphoric environment to global proportions as a projection from our psyche.
  • Anthropomorphisation in metaphoric symbolism.

Dates & Schedule:

Metaphors of Movement 2-Day Training: Level 1 Plus More!
January 26-27, 2019 (Sat-Sun)
9:30 am – 6 pm Saturday
9:30 am – 5 pm Sunday
Lunch break of an hour and a half each day.

Metaphors of Movement Masterclass:
April 27-30, 2019.

Location: Best Western Boulder Inn
Lodging Options: Click Here

Watch an 8-minute video segment of Andy Austin using Metaphors of Movement to achieve weight loss with a client:

“Andy Austin is an intelligent and entertaining trainer. He demonstrates high standards regarding working with clients and more important, he trains you to become aware of yourself as the clinician/coach in all types of situations. His material is very useful for those who want to increase their therapeutic skills. He cleverly leads students to find the answers within, and then offers new ideas to challenge their learning even more. I have enjoyed my experiences learning from Andy and I recommend him as a trainer.”
— Rachel Hott, Ph.D. Co-director The NLP Center of NY

“After attending a workshop with Andy I put into practice within a week my new found skills — WOW! — amazing and rapid results. I believed I listened to my clients, I now know that I didn’t hear their movement, or lack of it!! Within 2 hours a client who had spent thousands of pounds seeking a cure from others found the right way forward… A 3 day check-in for feedback and the feedback was good — the best session ever, and the best technique I had used… I would recommend that all practitioners who want to support their clients achieve movement learn this great skill.”
— Lesley Hoyle, NLP Practitioner, registered nurse in previous career

To read more about the experiences of other training participants, Click Here.

Register Here for the 2-Day Program (with Mark Andreas)

Tuition: 2-Day Program: $350*

*$275 for the first 5 registrants.

Register here for the Masterclass (with Andy Austin)

Tuition and More Details Coming Soon! Be sure to check back here or join our Mailing List for the latest updates and announcements.

About Andrew T. Austin

Andrew T. Austin is a neurolinguist and clinical hypnotherapist, and a registered nurse with experience in neurology. He has been teaching therapeutic methodologies since 1996 and has acquired a sizeable reputation with his developments of Metaphors of Movement and Integral Eye Movement Therapy. He also specializes in the treatment of Phantom Limb Pain and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Described by Bill O’Hanlon as “the British Milton Erickson,” he is regularly consulted by television production and media companies regarding alternative psychology, hypnosis and neurological syndromes. He has consulted with and appeared on the BBC program, “Inside Out” (the episode where the cat is registered as a hypnotherapist) as well as on local radio and network television.

Andy has written numerous articles, including publications in The Fortean Times and Best magazine. He is a recognized speaker and international trainer, with regular appearances at the NLP Conference in London, The James Braid Society, The International Bariatric Surgery Conference in Turkey, Advanced Mastery Training (AMT) in the USA and university psychology departments and faculties.

Andy is the author of The Rainbow Machine – Tales from a Neurolinguistic’s Journal, and a contributor to several books including, Sweet Fruit from a Bitter Tree by Mark Andreas, Transforming Negative Self Talk by Steve Andreas, and Restoring Hope: Appreciative Strategies to Resolve Grief and Resentment by Rob Voyle. Andy is known for his never-ending creativity and sense of humor, along with the precision and range of his work. He is based in the seaside village of Rustington, West Sussex, England. You can learn more about his work on his website:

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